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"Kim’s coaching helps to unravel the complexity of operating with such privilege whilst also prioritizing the most vulnerable… I couldn’t recommend this type of coaching more for anyone who wants to make a positive impact in the world."
—Paul Campbell, CEO of Team Tito

Kim Crayton, anti-racist economist & business advisor, has a track record of driving transformative change in diverse workplaces.

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"Kim’s particular genius is in her ability to diagnose structural weaknesses within an organization and to repair them by bringing together diverse people, tools, and approaches."
—Marisa Catalina Casey
"Kim speaks truth without apology. She is a true visionary who knows that if we are going to build systems that allow the most vulnerable to thrive, we need to be honest with each other and ourselves, and we need to begin now."
—Jamie Frank

You’re not the only one with questions. Uncertainty in the workplace is common. But, unfortunately, so are the damaging consequences of not seeking help.

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"Kim Crayton is a major reason why you see companies embracing the need to promote healthy, open and safe conversations about the places that we work as the risk management issue that it is."
—Tim Post
"Kim is an exceptional teacher and human being. Her body of work and materials have opened my eyes to my own biases and her distinct, undeserving kindness is helping those around her."
—Ramón Huidobro

“Uncertainty is impacting your ability to be your best at work. You deserve more. Let’s build a future that is supremacy-, coercion-, discrimination-, and exploitation- free.”

— Kim Crayton

Known as the Antiracist Economist around the world, Kim Crayton is a sought after speaker, author, and advisor. Kim is dedicated to building a future that is supremacy-, coercion-, discrimination-, and exploitation-free.