How Do I Not Get Fired For Helping?


How can I get on the path to organizing labor action against my employer without getting fired before anything even gets off the ground?


This is the type of question that ignites the revolutionary in me. That part of my spirit that wants to flip the tables, to send up the "Bat Signal" to rally all the warriors, but even I know that without a well-researched and defined strategy, any revolution can swiftly collapse into chaos, causing unintentional damage and trauma in its aftermath. To ensure that your efforts have the desired impact, use the following criteria to guide your decisions:

1. Learn how organized labor has historically been employed to uphold the existing quo, especially when discriminating against and oppressing its more vulnerable members. Examine how those with a disproportionate advantage in society have benefited from the fight for equity and dignity. Research how efforts to address the harm inflicted on employees often fall apart along lines of gender, race, and ability. Where those who most identify with systems, institutions, and policies designed to privilege the few at the expense of the many benefit most from organized labor.