When "Leave It At The Door" Is Impossible


During the current news cycle murder is normalised, people are dehumanised and I find it difficult to focus on work. How can I balance this in a system with capitalism at its core? How can I be true to myself but also keep a job?


I knew I'd get a question of this nature sooner rather than later. I've thought about it deeply. I've spent hours preparing for it. And yet, at this moment, I wish I hadn't received it because no matter what follows, it will **NEVER** be more than words to many and harmful to more folx than I would like. Still, we must begin this conversation somewhere…so here we go!

Firstly, I want to address that this question highlights the myth of the "neutral" or "apolitical" workplace. Everyone's life is POLITICAL. It's just that the "political" leanings of some have been used as the blueprint for developing the systems, institutions, and policies that dictate the lives of "others." There are no "apolitical" workplaces, just workplaces where those who benefit from the status quo never have to reckon with politics because their perspectives and rules are the default. Leaving everyone else to find ways to navigate these spaces in ways that minimize their impact.