I have two new clients who are hosting events near the same time targeting very similar audiences. I have not signed an NDA or non-compete.

But I feel like I should disclose this information to each of them.

The first client, an individual, has been informed and expressed no concerns.

The second client, a larger entity, still needs to be informed.

How should I bring this up in a delicate way?


Thank you for this question because it provides me with an opportunity to point out why most folx don't actually have a "business." Being able to gain clients/customers for your product or service is very different than having the necessary policies, procedures, and processes in place to scale, evolve, and recover in a competitive marketplace. What's most unfortunate is that it is the lack of these organizational systems that leads many business owners, both large and small, to unnecessarily expose themselves and their hard work to risk and crisis management issues.

In your role as a provider of the services that your clients paid for and expect, you do yourself a disservice when the engagement phase doesn't address how you work, including with others. Your agreements, as the service provider, should not only clearly state the contracted outcomes for the client but also how you cover your ass.